I love this kid.

A few minutes ago, I saw little boy worshipping with every thing in him. As Misty hit the chorus of "I pledge my allegiance, to Jesus...to Jesus...I pledge my allegiance to the Lamb....", I pretty much went snot-faced sobbing over the whole picture. This is what Father's Day is for. Pity the poor fool who got a necktie today.

God, may you make Grayson into the man You need him to be when it all comes down.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, I was reading your blog and thought how blessed your children are to have parents like you and Kelsey, raising them up with Godly values and in the atmosphere of IHOP. Luke 11:27,28 came to mind... I've never understood that scripture, but it seems to fit in this situation. Blessed are the children of these parents! Esther

l. said...

this is such a cool blog, dude.

Ronni said...

totally cool. That song gets me every time... heck the whole cd gets me every time. Thats my warfare cd... slams me on my face every time.


Dad, great job!