what's amazing to me

I've been in Rev. 5 for better than a week and am struck by the following: That this Lamb, His wool still stained with His own blood, carries the authority and weightiness to open the seals and release the final plan of God for the planet.

These seals are no little deal. They have been written about, debated, and depicted in mural fashion on the side of custom vans. We have a few clues about what they are, but we understand very well the nature of them - and they are awesome, fearsome, wonderful and horrible in one fell swoop. Postmoderns who think they invented both/and thinking need to read their Bibles.

It's unfathomable that a Lamb - a slain one, no less - releases the plan of God and executes these judgements on the earth. I've said it before - our biggest problem is not injustice on the earth, but rather that God is just. The fact that this is initiated by a Lamb stands as one of the more counterintuitive thoughts in history.

This Lamb straddles the gap between transcendency and immediacy, firmly standing in both realities. To paraphrase the dictionary in relation to the Lamb, He transcends others, surpassing them in beauty and glory, reigning supreme beyond the range of our perception. He is wholly other than, yet entirely immediate in that there is no intervening agent between the Lamb of God and the people of the earth.

He is at once Out There and right here.

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