a day in the life of....

4:50 AM
Phone alarm goes off with ringtone that sound's suspiciously like Van Halen.

5:00 AM
Pour first cup of coffee. Head for shower.

5:20 AM
Plop on couch with second cup of coffee. Read newspapers.

6:00 AM
IHOP Prayer room.

8:00 AM
One hour coaching session with one of our staffers on the difference between what is pressing and what is important. Manage to tell my favorite Earnest Shackleton story. We sit outside in an area we call East Beach but looks suspiciously like a side parking lot. Enjoy third and fourth cup of coffee out there.

9:00 AM
Make a phone call that was later returned for a fascinating 30 minute conversation, which, if all pans out like I think it might, will mean I owe this guy big time. Return email, answering questions from internship leaders and think hard about the upcoming Omega Intensive. Cup of coffee #5. Thermos empty. Drats.

11:00 AM
Scoot down to the coffee shop for a cup of chili.

12:15 PM
Meet with two other ministry leaders regarding a shifting of responsibility from one area to the other. At the end of the meeting, I do not have more work. This is a good meeting.

1:30 PM
Editing, more phone calls and general office work.

3:00 PM
Weekly team meeting with design team. We discuss such things as tabbed booklets, logo morphication and our radically varying taste in banner ads for an upcoming conference.

4:30 PM
Meeting with a young couple about upcoming ministry opportunities. Split a fruity icy drink of some sort with Kelsey.

5:30 PM
Arrive home

6:15 PM

7:00 PM
Start hanging drywall

8:00 PM
Still hanging drywall

9:00 PM
Stop hanging drywall, go get boys from their small group.

9:15 PM
Resume hanging drywall.

11:00 PM
New Ryobi cordless drill goes skipping off the drywall screw and smacks my left thumb. Ouch.

12:30 AM
Finish hanging drywall, pick up tools, lurch upstairs for a bowl of cheerios because technically, it's morning.

12:52 AM
Hit 'publish' on this blog


Phil St said...

Hmm, quite a day...I'm guessing there are elements of this day that are typical and those that aren't...like hanging a dry wall!!! You do drink a lot of coffee but hey that's not a crime!! Up at 4.50am, now that's dedication!! Thanks for the post, hope you had more than 4hrs sleep last night!!

Anonymous said...

wow...you sure start ur day early in the morning:)

Liz said...

I can't believe you actually spent more of your sleep time to write this blog... you are a dedicated blogger!