a night on the town...

Well, it wasn't really a night on the town. I'm just practicing writing eye-catching headlines. "A night on the town" is arguably closer to the truth than "Rabid Wolverines attack watermelon farmer" though.

Safety fans (and aren't we all, really?) will cheer to hear that we replaced the front rotors and brakes on the SS Family Truckster. They were bad. They were REALLY bad. Mac the mechanic went whiteknuckled on his diagnosis test drive, if that tells you anything. Next project: Tires. Perhaps later this summer.

After picking up the truck, I headed to Home Depot with Chuck (VENGA!) Scott, to pick up some supplies for our house project. I did not believe in evolution until we started this project, but it has evolved from a simple little affair to a project rivaling the building of a skyscraper. Yesterday's trip garnered eight sheets of drywall, goop, screws, drywall knife blades, and 18 massive volts of Ryobi lovin'!

I've never had a cordless drill before. I've had a nearly-cordless drill, in that the drill I've used for ten years has a cord so frayed that it makes me 'frayed to use it. Facing the daunting task of putting up drywall, I snagged this bad boy on the way towards the cash register. When I brought it home, Kelsey declared (in total sincerity) "This is all I need for mothers day!" She was serious. I have an amazing wife. If I could only convince her that she needed a midsized sport bike. This unit came along with a spotlight that could knock a guy off a horse. We tried to do it, but so few horseback riders wander down our street that we quickly gave up and went in the house.

Tonight's job: Hang drywall. We're making another room in our basement. Currently our basement is finished, but nearly one big room with the exception of one bedroom, a bathroom and a few small storage areas. As part of the "Divide and Conquer" program, we're going to divide off a section to use as another bedroom.

Following the Home Depot run, I took Grayson to the pet store to get his second goldfish in two days. Do not ask. Let it be enough to say Rest in Peace. By the time we got goldfish two home, Zion's original goldfish had gone Gills Horizontal. Hmmmm.


Jackson said...

I still think it was the coffee pot we kept him in that killed the fish.

Think about it - when he swam close to the edge, he was inhaling caffeine that had been left there before by coffee-making individuals such as yourself.

Alaska1 said...

I might be wrong here, but it would occur to me that if we pooled our work crews together we could accomplish twice the projects in half the time. I could have used that drill yesterday when assualting my bathroom fan.

Props to Kelsey for loving the new tools, we will be aiting to hear you both come up with a great eschatological sermon about the power of being cordless.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the goldfish, this may be a silly question, but did you put water conditioner in the container before putting the fish in? I had goldfish once, and being quite new at it, I did not do this. Lost several a good fish. Apparently the pH of the water has to be maintained at a certain level for goldfish.

Randy Bohlender said...

We put conditioner in the water. We also put some shampoo and a little body wash. Not sure which it was that killed the little guy.