How fun is this?

We just got a note from Church at the Gate - Sioux Falls, South Dakota where they're doing the Omega course with 70 people.  A quick surf of their website revealed their mission statement:   To make it hard to go to Hell from Souix Falls, South Dakota.

I love it!  Also made me think of planting a church in the Minot, North Dakota International Airport, where it's already hard to go anywhere, let alone Hell.


Liz said...

It seems as though there is a battle over this town. Sioux Falls is where the last remaining abortion clinic is in SD.

Greg said...

That is amazing to me; I was thinking just this morning about a talk at ZHOP I'll be giving in a couple of weeks and I was thinking about including that phrase (paraphrasing the subtitle from a Ted Haggard book back in the 90s) for our context: "We are praying so that it is hard to people to go to hell in Charlotte, and hard for mothers and fathers to abort their children." This must be "in the air", so to speak.

Brian said...

I like Sioux Falls! We go through it on our way to KC and it seems like a nice place.

What do you make of this?

Study: Sioux Falls is safest driving city in US(AP)

...another way to make it hard to go to Hell? Delaying it through better driving, perhaps? Prairie people are so industrious.