Grand Jam Master Wedding MC

Tonight we attended the big wedding bash and reception for Ben & Katie (Sorge) Hebbert. IHOP is a strange context to toss a wedding into. Take a penniless community of fasting intercessors, encourage them to dress up and offer them some gourmet groceries and it's just fun to watch.

Allen Hood did a great job with the ceremony, admonishing them "You do not know what you are getting into." We all agreed. It will be 10x tougher and 100x better than they can imagine. Such is marriage.

I mc'd the reception. It was held at a country club on the west side of town. I was a little surprised when the guy at the guard shack made the assumption that I was not a member (Homeland Security at work) but directed me up to the mansion on the hilltop for the event.

The wedding cake was gorgeous. Understand, I don't notice wedding cakes. I remember ours was round. Beyond that, I couldn't tell you a thing about a cake I've seen in the nearly 17 years since. This one, I'll remember. It was a work of art - brown and green with green flowers. It was a shame to eat it, but having no shame, so we ate it anyway.

They had this neat little jazz treo playing - a small drum kit, a guitar and a stand up base. I considered playing Stump the Band while I mc'd the whole deal, but I just knew someone would yell out "FREEBIRD" and every bit of decorum we had mustered would immediately evaporate.


Ronni said...

Then of course you'd have to invite Tom Petty and do Free Fallin'....

Yup...showing my age... :D Sounds like a great bash!

Decorum? We are supposed to show decorum? *G*

Anonymous said...

So it's a jazz "treo" now?

When made-up words replace the words they were meant to play on, you know the iApocalypse is upon us....

Randy Bohlender said...

You know, I stared at that for the longest time and it didn't look right! Yes, a Jazz Treo. It's a new handheld model with special David Sanborn ringtones.