The boy was out all night...

Jackson crossed a line last night....the line of staying out all night. I promise you that we brought him home from the hospital a week ago, just over 8 lbs. Now he's 130 lbs, his voice has dropped an octave or two, and he's asking "Uh, Dad, the youth are having the Friday Night Burn - they're going to be at IHOP 'till 6 AM. Can I go?"

He went - and to his credit, only got about 4 hrs sleep before he had to regroup and attend his late-morning eschatology discussion group. Oh to be young again. For a minute by minute description of his evening, read his review firsthand. Allow me to apologize in advance to those of you who really dig Israel music.

Kelsey and I wandered Home Depot for quite some time today. I think the highlight for me was meeting the appliance salesman who had been a VP for PPG until he retired...for a month. In his words, "I stayed home and my wife didn't want to do anything I told her to do. So she told me to go get a job while we were still married."

He took an managment role at Home Depot for a while but the stress was wearing him out so he demoted himself. Now he's 71 and selling side-by-sides and convection ovens. Everybody's got a story.

In other news, our boys spent the day in full rejoice mode, as Danielle arrived last night to help us with the Omega Intensive. Grayson in particular is convinced Danie is the best thing since boneless icecream. We're all glad she's here...even if her sister, Angela, sent us a note threatening us if we failed to return her in good condition.

Here is Danielle back in 2004, far out in the desert with Far Out Tom Mills.

Note Tom's dusty hand and decidedly unUnited Methodist-like attire, complete with beads and good for nothing, bootleg Burning Man All Access/Free Coffee badge hanging around his neck.


Kelsey Bohlender said...

None of our children were "just over 8 lbs". For the record, Jackson was 7'13oz, Grayson was 8' flat and Zion was 5'14oz. Some things you just have to leave to the moms: )

Randy Bohlender said...

I'm tellin' you. When the diaper was full, he was every bit of 8 and a half pounds.

Jackson said...

I never filled my diaper. I was potty trained from the day I was born. Trust me, Mom and Dad - I remember these things.

carl said...

I laughed out loud when I read this:

5:07 AM - They begin to sing a chorus that I can tell isn't going to stop any time soon. I start to feel irritated, and then I get convicted for my irritation. Then I get irritated again.

5:23 AM - Still singing the same chorus. No joke. By now, a lot of people from the back start coming up to the front and dancing.

5:43 AM - Still the same chorus.

5:59 AM - All of the hippie-rumble dancers come out of the woodwork and start yelling at the top of their lungs for the last minute of the night watch.

6:00 AM - They're still singing the same chorus, I call it a night... or morning... or whatever it is for nightwatchers. I vow never to join the Fire in the Night cult for fear of becoming... like them.