So what are we DOING?

While my blog can serve as a clearinghouse of all things trivial, I realize that once in a while people are wondering "what exactly are you doing?!?" If you already know what exactly we're doing, feel free to skip. If you don't, here's the deal.

In addition to home schooling, Kelsey is team teaching a class on Song of Solomon with Deborah Heibert & Jennifer Roberts at FSM. This is a fearsome treo and I would not mess with'm. Kelsey is loving it. She's always been more of a line-by-line scholar than I am. Yesterday she spent about 3 hrs digging out part of a verse.

Along with his regular school work, Jackson is taking two FSM night classes - a writing class and a class on the Psalms. He has class from 7-9pm on Mondays and 7 - 10pm on Tuesdays which means on Wednesdays he's a bit of a slug! ;) He is also planning some travel with Lenny Laguardia. They'll go to Albany, NY in a few weeks.

The warm weather has Gray chomping at the bit. He is anxiously awaiting our assembling of a used trampoline that was given to us. (Yes, we had a trampoline - but just before we realized we'd be moving back to KC, I gave it to Dwayne Roberts. Oops.) Like his older brother, he loves reading and has checked out nearly every book in the library twice.

ZB's days are spent strumming and drumming, with occassional breaks to beat us at Uno. He is a card shark. I cannot explain it but he wins way more than he loses. He misses his buddy from DC. After having spent nine months nearly inseparable from Judah Engle, he gets a very quiet and a little teary eyed once in a while when we talk about it. I deeply regret that we don't have many pictures of those two conquering the farm - Zion with a guitar and Judah with a sword.

In addition to giving leadership to the marketing & design team at IHOP, Kelsey and I are now overseeing the Short Term Training Programs (internships and the like...). Currently, IHOP has four that run nearly continously. The Onething internship (young adults, 6 months), Fire in the Night (nocturnal young adults, 3 months), Intro to IHOP (peeps of most ages and all sizes, families, etc, 3 months), and the Simeon Company (over 50ish, 3 months). This all just started and I'll be meeting with those respective internship leaders beginning today. They are really amazing folks. I'm looking forward to working alongside them to train people in the values and practices of day & night prayer.

Mom has lived with us for some time now. The boys love a live-in grandma. She periodically substitute-teaches in Belton and regularly helps us out as life gets a little crazy.

The Whole Family
We're excited about a family trip in April. We're going to Walkaway Springs, a family campground near Laurel, MS. Yes, this is the location where I nearly met my Maker while riding in the back of an out of control duece-n-a-half. Since then, we have visited several times with far less drama. We love the woods and the fantastic staff. Kelsey and I'll be speaking at a conference there while the boys run around in the woods with their friends.

There you have it. Now back to work.


Alaska1 said...

Hey Mr. Intern leader :)

What do you got in the next few weeks for a family of 4 fresh recruits :-)

See you soon

Randy Bohlender said...

Well, my yard is a mess. You could join the Red Bridge Home Improvement Internship. I happen to have four slots left.