a rude awakening

Normally I get up at 5 AM, but it was 6:30 this morning and I was sleeping the sleep of all ages...crashed out, sheet-lines-on-my-face smashed...and then it was over.

I was jolted from my sleep by the voice of a frantic 8 year old boy shouting what no parent wants to hear. "KIWI'S ESCAPED!" (Kiwi is Gray's hamster...). I dragged myself out of bed to find Kiwi sitting in the corner, staring at us even as we stared at him. One short 'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' episode later, I had him back in the cage...and then saw that he'd nibbled the tops off of a bunch of the little starter plants Kelsey was going to plant outside once it warmed up.

Second Rude Awaking: My coffee pot, aged yet beloved as it was, passed into the great beyond this morning. The power switch turns the light on, but alas, no drip, no brew, no aroma for the chosen few. As I am speaking this morning and they will expect me to be awake, I believe I need to stop by Dunn Bros . on my way.

Todd Loughry / aka Cornhusk / and I went to First Baptist / Pleasant Hill last night where I spoke at a volunteer appreciation banquet. I'm headed back this morning to do their two AM services. Great folks - a wonderful cross section of ages. I'm looking forward to getting to know Wyatt, their senior pastor, a little better.

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chuck said...

Somewhere in So. Illinois there is a now ferel hamster named Sundae, living in rodent anarchy. He, or she, escaped after Chastity left the cage open one night. The new residents have notice a tan mouse running throught the house from time to time. I told them to wear their shoes to bed because everyone knows that ferel hamsters like to nibble on toes.

Do you think those custom roasted beans you have been using have caused the coffee pot to give up the ghost?