Now there's a reacton...

Sunday morning, I taught at First Baptist in Pleasant HIll, about 30 miles southeast of here. First Baptist is a great group of folks - all ages and with a genuine affection for God and one another. I loved it. I also loved seeing the front section packed with teenagers in the first service.

Following the service, I was standing near the front of the auditorium near a doorway. People were filing by me en route to the fellowship hall to snarf down some donuts and coffee, and walking past me, felt compelled to shake my hand and say something. Comments ranged from "Nice talk" to "Thanks for coming" to several teary eyed "This was life changing." Meanwhile, a group of teenagers hung back, waiting for the crowd to clear.

When it did, two of them came up to greet me. I could tell something was up. Perhaps I had said something earth shattering for them. Perhaps they were going to become missionaries to the Congo or burn their rock and roll records or something.

The spokesman, a young lady of about 17, shook my hand and announced "We like your shoes."


"Your shoes. We like your shoes. They're cool."

And therein, the scripture was fulfilled...."As it is written: "How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!"

If you can't reach them with profundities....wear cool shoes.


Eric said...

Dude, thats a streeeetch! But very cool

Brent Steeno said...

Who would have thought?

chuck said...

Of course the shoes open the door for "I also roast my own beans". Were said shoe the Doc's or the Flugenhovel? :)

Alaska1 said...

And to think you and Kelsey debate over your hipness :) Too cool you are!

Randy Bohlender said...

Fluegs, man. Gotta be the fluegs.

eric wright said...

Up until last Sunday, I pastored a small church plant in Pleasant Hill. We have been reaching about 2,500 people a year through Servant Evangelism. (Notice I said "small church planting" meaning none of them actually showed up to our service.) We have been doing SE for more than six years.

Your invitation to speak at First Baptist is confirmation that SE really does raise the spiritual climate of a community. When we moved in, not one church was willing to really do anything for free. They had a community clothes closet and food pantry, but that was it.

We are moving on, but, through the church I left behind and the Baptist church, God will continue to care for the lost, the least, and the lonely.

Anonymous said...

The Manolo, he says "Shoes, they are the key to Cool!"

If you don't know 'the Manolo,' he has a shoe blog (there is a section for men's shoes).

And the Manolo, his accent is superfantastic!