a day with my boys

I took Jackson, Grayson & Zion to the Kansas City Autoshow today. We also brought along Grayson's friend, Joshua. We knew we were in for a fun day when, as we wandered into the convention center, a stranger approached us, said "here, use this!" and handed me a VIP family pass. We breezed past security like Grant through Richmond - no charge!

First stop was the Suzuki display, where we saw this funky concept truck. The truck wasn't too impressive but we did like the trailer it was pulling - stocked with two 250 cc dirt bikes and a four wheeler.

The boys registered for freebies and noticed the drawing was about to take place. Grayson made off with a cool blue water bottle and Jackson won a backpack with built in cooler. ZB and I were unimpressed. We were heading elsewhere.

Next stop: HummerLand. We like the H1 because it is the big hoss, but we dig the H2 and H3 as well, especially in all it's different configurations. The H3 pickup truck was considered particularly funky.

Zion was disappointed that the H1 was locked. Apparently it's due to military secrets. Or too many unmarked switches for little boys full of curiousity.

The H3 pickup truck had these oddball doors to the box.

We finally decided we liked them, but it was a close vote that hinged on the ability to sling a plastic sack of Little Debbies into the box without walking around to the back of the truck.

No-Brainer of the Year Award goes to FoMoCo, for adding a foot in length to the Expedition, making it a genuine Suburban competitor.

It looks very sleek - and this white was easy on the eyes. I'm thinking we could slink out of our Montero and right into this bad boy without any problem 'cept the payments.

And of course, the Matchbox Car Award goes to this funky Ford pictured below. It was a concept car with a full alluminum body polished to a mirror finish. We went to take a picture of it and got a picture of us.


Andrew said...


Look at the light reflecting off of that shiny surface in that last picture!!! Oh, and the chrome surface is pretty cool, too!


Randy Bohlender said...

Chrome is in, baby. Ford is just the latest to realize it.