Blogging from the Plaza

I'm parked out front of the Mac store in at the Plaza, cribbing their wifi and waiting for them to open so I can kindly explain that we lost another logicboard on Kelsey's iBook. I am right next to their broken window display, but since Scott is already famous for snapping the shot, I won't bother.

On my way to the plaza, I stopped at the post office in a very differen neighborhood. You can tell a lot about a neighborhood by the sound of the music blasting in the post office. In this case, rap music, played so loudly that it was hard to concentrate. I am not kidding.

As I walked up to the desk, I saw a label taped to the counter top as an example of how to fill out the forms. I could hardly believe it - it doesn't show up well in my camera phone photo, but is this a shout out to Eminem or what?

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ylmurph said...

a true fan would have sent it to Detroit - it hurts my brain that I know that and yet continue to call people I've known for months "dude" "cap'n" and "chief" because my memory is so bad...I need a delete button