This blog has broad ramifications for all involved.

You realize you're holding your family a very special kind of hostage when, while swimming at the YMCA, your four year old does something funny and when he sees you laugh, he blurts out "Don't blog that!


Jackson said...

Was it somebody in a Speedo? (Just guessing...)

Randy Bohlender said...

No speedos were involved. And for this, Oh Lord, we thank Thee.

GregB said...

Thats a riot; my blog is still under the radar for my children (as far as I know, I should be quick to remind myself).

Alaska1 said...


Too funny, from this Alaskan longing to live in KC.

I have been reading your blog since OneThing and I even recall seeing you at IHOP when I was there for there for the OneThing Leadership Summit.

After reading elsewhere I still chuckle that my wife said "look its someone trying to look like Dwayne" ;)

Bless you Brother!

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