talking into the night...

Just got home from the happy Comiskey home, where Annette & Andy had prepared the Mother of All Holiday Dinner Parties, featuring salmon appetizers, a large portion of roast beast and the most delightful little cheesecake squares covered with chocolate. I was so grateful that Allen and Rachel Hood & Ed & Linda Hacket were there too, because Allen managed to eat as many of the cheesecake squares as I did.

We sat at the table for hours (there were a lot of cheesecake squares) and talked...a good portion of the time it centered on the young people of IHOP - what we see, what we're excited about, and how we want to help lead them forward in life. It is good to serve with leaders who live to lead - who talk about it even during their off-hours because they love the ones they serve.

This is a cool, cool team. And Annette, that dinner rocked!

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