moon over red bridge....

Write it down. This is the perfect December morning. Cool but not cold. No wind to speak of. And a sky crafted by Swarovski.

As I backed out of the driveway, I looked to the west and saw the brightest full moon I've ever seen in my life. It looked for a moment as if it were snagged in the branches of our front yard oak tree. Involuntarily - but not unwillingly - I blurted out the base prayer of men's hearts. "Oh. Jesus."

In the nanosecond it took for me to see the moon and respond to it, I had thought of the physics of a reflection of the sun....that the light from the moon was piercing and beautiful, yet not really from the moon at all. The moon is not a source of light at all - it is simply a reflection - and if the reflection was that bright, then how bright must the source of the light be.

Before the rear tires hit the street, I was thinking of the reflection of love I'd seen in other's lives. My wife. Friends. Leaders I've served.

By the time I got to the stop sign I was questioning my own. Is their a clear sightline from the heart of God to my heart, and then to the hearts of others.

Does anyone every back out of their driveway, see a reflection of the perfect love of God in my life and whisper "Oh. Jesus."

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Sean The Red said...

Thats awesome....

I was waiting for another one today!! More Poetry!!!!