power tools....

The leaves began to fall this week. While that may not be a big deal in your neighborhood....here in our corner of KC, it is a big deal. We live on a street that features at least two oak trees in each front yard. Each tree produces approximately 423,000 leaves (granted, a guestimate, but hard to disprove, which is the measure of a good guestimate). Pets, toys and even small children have been known to disappear into the piles of leaves and never return. I had to smile at our new neighbor who made the same mistake I did last year - start raking immediately. It's a lost cause if you start now - there are still weeks of leaves to come.

Last year I fought the battle armed with rakes. It was not pretty. The final count was 30+ huge contractor bags full of leaves (not a guestimate - I remember it well). This year, we've upgraded the arsenal. Kelsey returned from the store yesterday with the Mother of All LeafBlowers, with mulcher attachement and extension hose that allows you to blow the mulch directly into the huge bags or onto your neighbor's yard, whichever the case may be. This year, we shall win.

I'm at the house this morning, catching church via webcast. I woke up with a gnarly scratchy throat and spinning head, so I helped Kelsey get the little guys organized and out the door. Jackson should be home in a few minutes - he's been in Charlotte, NC, doing a conference with Lenny LaGuardia. I'm sure he'll be full of stories...and need a good nap!

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