Not from the right or the left, but from the north...

Jordan Cooper Sez::

"As long time readers know, I see the conserative (sic) right embracing and lusting after the kind of political power that Jesus rejected.

I don't have a problem with Christians in politics, I just see a just society to be bigger than Roe vs. Wade. I don't understand how some are so against that decision yet against legislative efforts to help people most at risk to have an abortion, school feeding programs, and things that help the kids once they are born. I am starting to realize that many people who say that they are pro-life are really just anti-choice. I think pro-life is far more than wanting a ban on abortion, it is a value of life no matter how rich or poor it is.

I think it kind of goes with the idea of a third way I have been talking about that goes beyond partisanship and starts to look how both the left and right don't get it any longer."


The italics above were added by me. I'm not about to defend the far right or pick on Cooper's elusive third way but wanted to leave his comments in context. Political lust predates us all and every generation in recent memory has lamented the lack of a third way. My real beef with in the italics.

Jordon, a just society is bigger than Roe v. Wade, but the underlying principles that allow us to acquiesce to Roe v. Wade have infected all of our society. Roe v. Wade isn't just poor law, it's a decree of death made by judges who secretly wanted to be legislators. It's also indicative of how we feel about life...Do we neglect our elderly or beat our children because of Roe v. Wade or in conjunction with it? It's the same demon. To value life is to fight for the unborn AND the poor. Maybe your third way is to live fully both ways.

As an ardent prolifer, I have yet to meet any serious prolifers who are not in favor of helping people at risk. Granted, there are the nutball Eric Rudolph types out there, but they're not exactly mainstream. The people I've worked with do not deserve the broadbrush paint job that they often receive.

I'm weary of phrases like 'a just society is bigger than Roe v. Wade', intimating that because this issue is the biggie for me that I'm somehow not thinking about all the issues. Wake up, folks - everyone is a one issue voter. Granted, you may have an interested in various issues, but at the end of the day, the most important thing in your consciousness is what drives your vote - abortion, your wallet, your right to carry a weapon or your belief that no one should. Like the rest of us, you hold your nose and vote with the candidate that sides with you on the biggest issue for you.

As for the anti-choice moniker, if the choice is sucking an unborn child out of the womb, then tattoo the name on me, preferrably somewhere on my forehead. And yes, I know that in this Second Great Emergentcy Enlightenment, it's terribly old fashioned for me to be anti anything. I guess I'm just a throwback to before the time when it was accepted that a certain portion of the population didn't know any better than to throw their kids away.

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Jordon said...

Thanks for your link and your post. My point is that for all of the yelling that is done by Christians about being pro-life which is a serious issue, how many of those same churches are investing in nurseries, fighting for tax cuts that help low income parents, promoting and paying a livable wage, and helping those at most risk for having an abortion. I do believe that life begins at conception and needs to be defended but I find it hypocritical that many who believe the same, do nothing to make it easier for at risk parents to raise those children.