A few days short of an anniversary...

The other day I realized that it's just under three years since I set up a blogger account. For ages I never mentioned it to anyone, because I wasn't sure I'd stick with it - I've been a bad journaler for years - but I did stick with it. I've stuck with it for a total of 900 posts...including a month's sabbatical in there somewhere. I've stuck with it through multiple moves (three states), role changes, paradigm shifts, a few victories and a few times when I've gotten my head handed to me in a sack.

230,000 words
I pulled the whole mess into a Word document the other night to discover that it stretches 230,000 words. Just over a thousand pages in Arial 12. At my rapid fire pace of speaking (about 100 words a minute while teaching), it would take me just under a forty hour week to read it out loud.

I'm looking at cruising through it to assemble a 'best of', sorted into catagories. Last night, I found a couple of posts that brought tears to my eyes - some of sadness and a few of laughter. Maybe in those 230,000 I might be able to find twenty or thirty thousand worth rereading.

I'm up for suggestions. rbohlender(at)gmail(dot)com. Fire away.

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