winding down

After a long day capped by an evening of installing curtain rods, I'm winding down to the latest from Lifehouse, as heard through these nifty Altec Lansing speakers that someone gifted me with. I'm not going to tell you who because I don't want you hitting them up for your free set, but suffice it to say I'm very grateful.

I realize my recent posts have been little less than electronic graffiti. I'm attributing it to life in the fast lane. I'm realizing that having been as nomadic as we have in the past few years has worn on our family - not relationally, but as a whole. We're tired. I'm tired. I'm tired of hanging curtain rods every few months. Of wondering 'whatever happened to those pillows' and hearing 'will kids live nearby?'.

Kelsey's tired of playing musical boxes - finding the blender in with the winter boots and missing the cord to one and the laces to the other. She's been a trooper - an accomplice, even - but the resetting of the house to order falls more to her than it does to me, and I feel horrible about that.

We're both tired of hearing people talk about their annual July 4th cookout with the neighbor and searching our brains to remember who our neighbor was last July 4th and if we even knew them. I'm trying to remember if our lawn mower starts...when the registration on the truck expires, and how on earth we put an additional 115,000 miles on it in four years.

We don't regret any of the frantic moving of the past few years. God was in the middle of all of it, and we're richer for it...but we're poorer in ways too. Right now, with the kids asleep and the lights and music low, it all feels like it was pretty expensive.

Good night.

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