Uh...is this not what led him to plug the Gipper back in '81? And we're sending him home for a break?!?!

CNN.com - Lawyer: Hinckley imagines romance - Sep 27, 2005: "'He continues to misunderstand his relationships with women,' said assistant U.S. attorney Thomas Zeno, who argued against extending Hinckley's visits. What in other people might be simple juvenile behavior 'cannot be shrugged off.'Hinckley attorney Barry Levine said the government is engaging in a 'prophecy of doom' by asserting that Hinckley has problems with women.Regarding his interactions with women, 'was Mr. Hinckley clumsy? I don't know,' said Levine. 'But he did nothing that was dangerous.' Hinckley imagined a hospital staff intern was interested in him when she 'made good eye contact with him,' Zeno said. ''He thought there was a personal spark.'"

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