Dennis vs. Katrina
My money's on Dennis.....

Hey ya'll. Just talked to my home slice Dennis Addy in Hattiesburg, MS. Dennis and I are kindred spirits - we play in similar spheres (me: Burning Man. Dennis: The Rainbow Gatherings). Anyway, Dennis and the guys from the church sent the women and children north but rode out the storm - more concerned about after storm looting than anything. Their house survived ok, but there's no electricity and no running water. On the cell phone this morning he told me "The real kicker is we can't get fuel...the stations can only sell to Emergency Vehicles. I have a generator and chain saw and am afriad to use them too much because once I run out, I'm jacked. I might have enough gas to get to Birmingham, but the rumors flying around are that we can't buy any in Birmingham either. I'm running the generator about an hour a day to try and keep my freezer food cold...".

Pray for Dennis and his family. And if you've got an extra tanker truck of super unleaded, I know a community that would be might glad to see you.

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