You cannot hurry the clock....

Tonight is a waiting game. Earlier today, we drove down to George Washington University Medical Center to have her blood drawn. Today's test was for a pregnancy hormone count. At this stage of a typical pregnancy, the hormone count climbs like the national deficit. Anything less than a number significantly higher than a few days ago is not good news.

She went into the building while I hunted for a parking spot...which is to say that by the time I weaseled the SS Family Truckster into a spot and walked to the building, they already had a needle in her arm. Oh well. We grabbed a bite at Cosi's where I had a very peculiar chicken sandwhich (my description, not theirs)...not that we were all that hungry. Mostly we sat and looked at each other. Note to the unmarried: Do not marry someone that you are uncomfortable being quiet with. At the most demanding times of your life, you're not necessarily going to feel like talking. Conversational skills sort of fall by the wayside at times like these. It sufficed to just be together.

We came back to the farm expecting a phone call from the ER doctor this evening. We called at 6 PM and again at 8 PM. When we finally connected with a real live doctor, they told us they couldn't find her test results. Eventually they called back to say that the tests hadn't been ordered as 'stat', so they would be finished overnight and they'd call us in the AM. Sleep well.


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