Update on Kelsey and Baby

Today we've had more of the same...minus the marathon hours at the Emergency Room. Kels' pain has been off and on. Ever the worker bee, she's doing her version of bed rest, which includes a cell phone, a lap top and the printer moved to a stand near the bed where she can print Taryn's wedding invitations. This may sound like work to the rest of you, but trust me, it's about as restful as the girl gets. Granted, she did get a small nap this afternoon, but after being out 'till 6 AM and 2 AM the two nights before, who can blame her.

We have had so many encouraging stories from folks..."I bled for months with Ben...", "The same symptoms had me freaked out..", "The doctors told us it was hopeless...". All stories to migrate the human heart from fear to faith. It's interesting - faith is not knowing. To know is to erase the need for faith. Faith exists...blossoms and even flourishes...in the Gulf of What If, which, if I remember, is somewhere near the Cliffs of Insanity. We're swimming in that Gulf of What If right now. The water is choppy and there are shark fins here and there, but we're grateful for the friends who swim with us tonight. Even in the midst of the unknown, it is good not to be alone.

Special thanks to the good folks at Shepherd of the Hills United Methodist Church in Douglasville, Georgia (Atlanta), especially the new pastor who so graciously allowed his guest speaker for the weekend (uh, that would be me) bail on him with just a few days notice. Sorry guys - duty calls. You're awesome.

Keep praying, friends. It ain't over.

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