Ok, Recie and Chris. i'm beginning to miss the playa dust. You won't find this sort of stuff anywhere else.

BURNING MAN AT 20 / A better Mouse Trap / Architect of 25-ton artwork based on popular children's board game finally works out kinks:
"'That man has spent a quarter of his life building that Mouse Trap,' said Burning Man founder Larry Harvey. 'It became his Holy Grail.'
The wood-and-steel rendition Perez created is a colossal version of the 1963 plastic board game -- inspired by San Francisco cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg. Much like the original Hasbro game -- in which players take turns constructing an elaborate mousetrap and try to capture their opponent's mouse -- it has been virtually impossible to get all the intricate pieces to function as a whole. But after years of work, Perez seems to have nailed it.
Well, at least about 75 percent of the time"

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