Good call, Grayson....

He had one request. He's eight years old and doesn't ask for much, so when Gray insisted we see March of the Penguins we took him seriously. With a little frustrating help from Mapquest, we found a great old style theater that was showing it. It has been ages since I've been in a theater like this...burgundy velvet seats and a curtain to match. It felt like if they closed up shop today and reopened the doors in fifty years it would still smell like buttered popcorn.

Our tribe - Zion included - gave it double thumbs up, but be warned that we are somewhat eggheaded in our movie tastes and it may not be for you. Nothing blows up and with the exception of the sea lion affair, there is very little violence. Not to say there is nothing to learn...it was amazing to watch the mother and father penguins grieve the loss of their egg. They seemed much more human than...uh, humans.

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