random thoughts i have had today, in no particular order

I like text messaging. I may never make or take a phone call again. They always end up on rabbit trails about superfluous discussions on things like feelings or the past. Jst the fx, mam.

Most children are not well behaved. I decided this today while watching a group of third graders on a field trip at the park where Zion was playing. The greatest gifts a parent could give their children are: a spiritual foundation and a sense of decorum. Literacy would be nice too. And a gift for spelling. I had to check two words in this paragraph alone.

In reading a history of the United States, I have come to the conclusion that I'm a fair bit like John Quincy Adams. True to form, neither JQA or I care much if you understand why or how.

I mistook a dog for a cat today. Some guy was walking it down Wornall Ave and I thought "Whoa, dude....that guy is walking a cat." It turned out to be a very effeminate dog.


Note to readers: please do not assume these were my most important thoughts....just the ones I'm up for sharing with the world right now.

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