a journal that works

Some time ago, I recieved a small, wonderfully cruel journal as a freebie in a conference packet. I call it wonderful because - for some unexplainable reason - it has spurred me do what I have not done since junior high: write with a pen. I call it cruel because the thing only had 75 pages or so and I managed to fill it up in about three weeks.

At the sixty eight page mark, I began to panic....knowing that once the journal was full, all I had to fall back on was this clunky leather journal that I had been writing in (or more accurately, not writing in) for a good year and a half.

The little 75 page freebie was a Moleskine. I have resisted even looking at these little journals for fear of being mistaken for some trendy, emerging, I'm OK, You're OK, let's just go on a journey together type church planter who is trying to compensate for the harsh reality of never learning to write Palm Graffiti effectively....but the little journal grew on me, FAST. I like the off white color of the pages. I like the feel of the pages. I like that it folds flat. I have began teaching our staff meetings out of my scribblings in it and even refering to it in the meetings as my Little Black Book of Profundities. Of course, I do not allow the interns to debate this name. They are, after all, interns, and I'll tell them what's profound and what's not.

So, all that to say that I bought a new 200 pager - same dimensions, same color - at Barnes & Noble a few days ago, paying a few bucks more than I have paid for some books with words already written in them, but I'm happy. And just in time - I finished the smaller journal later that day.

So there. I bought a Moleskine. Just don't think I'm trendy. Because I can't stand that.

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