Hey Friends

just a quick update events today...

About noon, I was driving up South Capitol with Kelsey and our boys. We were about six blocks from the Capitol when we saw a wave of people running towards us - the mob stretched completely across the street. It looked like the beginning of a marathon of thousands of runners, except everyone was in suits or dresses. About that time I glanced up to see a fighter jet scream over, low and fast. It banked hard left over the Capitol and raced west over the Mall towards the Lincoln Memorial.

People were screaming that the city was being evacuated an sirens were wailing - it really looked like a movie. I started maneuvering our truck out of the city while Kelsey worked the cell phones trying to figure out what was going on and locate the 20 or so interns we had in the city at the time.

By the time we got ten miles out it the "All Clear" had been announced. Apparently someone flew a Cessna too close to the White House. We have seen heightened security at various times in the last six months but we've never seen anything like this - literally thousands of people running for their lives. One van load of our interns saw hospital workers racing down the streets pushing children in hospital beds.

All of our clan is present and accounted for. It looks like all is well....just thought you'd want to know we're ok.

thanks for the prayers


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