Stuff I learned today

1) When you're really tired, the whole family can sleep 'till 9 AM.

2) The Gap Outlet is at the Hebron exit. And the next exit is 2 miles down the road.

3) A five way and a cheese coney are best experienced at the Clifton location. Parking in the back, don't forget your card.

4) Everything takes longer with four adults and nine children. And the single gal who drove like crazy to join your caravan will bail and drive on without you when she gets a good look at the chaos. (We love you, Noella!)

5) Much of what you hear on NASCAR broadcasts can be applied to driving a Penske truck...the restrictor plate garbage, drafting, etc. When driving one of these babies, momentum is your best buddy. And it is possible to average over 65 for 3 hrs, but it takes a little planning, a strong bladder and some dumb luck on the hills.

Tomorrow, we invade the Capitol.

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