another day on the road

We drove hard today and arrived in Cincinnati about forty five minutes before the scheduled start of our service at the Cincinnati House of Prayer. Being here does my heart good. We rolled in tired and drained, and God managed to show up anyway. I shared the vision and did MC duties, Cheryl did a great original song, Paul did some prophetic ministry, and Kelsey flat preached. The last few times we've been on the road, she's preached more (and better!) than I have by far. I am excited about what God's doing in and through her.

It is good to be among good friends. Holed up in a house with all of them - including Noella Kim, another IHOPer-turning-JHOPer - feels right. Tomorrow we rest before pressing on to DC.

It's a time of the unknown. The kids are on pins and needles; wondering what to expect in DC. I'm not far behind them. This is the marginal loony fringe that we're on....and if it weren't for a sense of calling, I'd be crying. It's harder to watch my kids process the move than it is to process it myself.

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