It is 10 pm and I'm taking a well deserved coffee and rice krispee treat break. I believe these rice krispee treats materialized in a box from Hosanna Fellowship. If they did, and the sender is reading this...a thousand blessings on you and your children. Finer rice krispee treats have never been made.

The day started with another allergy challenge for Jackson. Last week he conquered milk, which opened a whole set of culinary doors for him. All week long we heard "hey, I can eat this now!". Today it was eggs....the boy has never had eggs, so getting him to eat a scrambled egg was not easy, but he finally downed it and everything turned out ok. Congrat's, Jackson!

I returned home to help Kels with the chaos we are calling moving. The reality is there just ain't much space available where we're headed, so we're becoming nomads...trimming down on almost everything. I'll give you the full details soon, but trust me when I say you're not going to believe it. I'd give you the full details now, but they're still in development. I'm telling you, this is as out there as Burning Man, minus the dust and adding our children.

Well, Kels will be home soon - she ran to Starbucks for a chat with a friend. Poor girl needed to get out of the piles of boxes for a while. And I'm headed back out to conquer the garage. Cheer me on.

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