a good place after a long day

After packing stuff all day at the house, I just knocked back a cup of hot chocolate and drove over to the House of Prayer for a little time with the Lord. It's nearly 10 pm, and the crowd is thin. Misty Edwards is on the keys, leading a drummer, bass, one guitar and a ten year old boy on congas, backed by two female singers.

Misty is doing what she does best - lost in the moment, folding three songs into a common sound, then adding a little chorus I've never heard her do...

I want to take my passion
put it in a bottle
and break it at your feet

I want to take my affections
put them in a bottle
and break it at your feet

Christmas Eve eve might every well be a low point in the prayer room, except for one thing...He's here. He really is. It's palpable.

Ah. The 8 PM set is ending. The singers trail off with the chorus while Misty gathers her things and slips out. The guitar player, who I cannot see at the moment because I'm sitting up close and far left of stage, keeps a 3 note pattern ringing in a suspicously Edge-like tone, and the next team finds their place.

I will miss this.

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