Washington, DC is a foreign country.

I'm convinced of the above statement, which is odd with it being the capitol of the US and all. Must be a zoning snafu. I do like it though - history on every corner (right by the police officer), green spaces with squirrels who are convinced they are human and a sprinkling of humans that I'm convinced are nuts.

We enjoyed a group dinner last night in an apartment down the street from John Ashcroft's little row house, which is not nearly as impressive as one might think. In fact, it's indistinguishable from the others except for the two menacing fellows parked on opposite corners in Suburbans with dark tinted windows. I think that if you could get the contract for Suburbans or window tinting in this city, you'd make some serious jack. Same thing with blue blazers.

I'm heading home today...will be good to see my wonderful family.

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