Never trust a PhD who doesn't have kids....
They don't have a real education.

I'm increasingly aware of the fact that most of what I'm learning - especially the useful stuff - comes from my guys. Just today I learned the following.
  • Native Americans used every part of the buffalo. I picked this up while hanging out with the guys at the local library's Saturday program. Note to self: Out of glue? Look for a buffalo hoof. It's a start.
Also learned:
  • If, in the privacy of your own home, you teach your 3 year old to bust a move and sing "I'm so funky, I don't know what to do...", that same 3 year old will do that very thing while standing in line at the library (learned that from Z this afternoon).
  • There is precious little at Blockbuster that is worth taking home (per Jackson)
  • "You know what someone needs to make? Aeresol mustard and ketchup." (Again, Jackson).
  • The yo-yo is often the best part of the Sonic Wacky-Pack (per Grayson).

It has been a very good day to be a dad. I close with the best picture I've managed to take with my phone...


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