Not long ago, Kelsey had to order a couple of cd's to fulfill our obligation to some strange Christian music club that originally offered 435 cd's for a nickle, + postage and handling of $1,200. Anyway, she tossed me the catalog and said "pick what you want." My first thought was "cool...this'll be like Christmas without the returns." It had obviously been a long time since I shopped for Christian music.

It is a sad day for Christian retailing. Apparantly they have slapped "Left Behind" and "Purpose Driven" on every product imaginable. Fresh ideas are scarcer than hen's teeth. (to my urban readers: scarcer than cheap coffee). I paged through the catalog for forty five minutes and had to admit: there's nothing here I want. Finally, we picked a few out of curiousity. Half the order arrived yesterday - of course, the half not including the one release I was sort of anticipating, Switchfoot's "Beautiful Letdown".

Of the few that did arrive, I'm finding more to like than I expected. Sarah Kelly's "Take Me Away" has great moments, although having heard her at the Vineyard with just an acoustic guitar and then later here at an IHOP conference with just a piano, I spend most of the cd wishing the band would go away and let the girl sing.

Also, I chose Kirk Franklin's "The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin". A little known secret about me is that I have always thought I was black, even though my family and skin tone insist I am not. The music is so churchy that it drives Jackson up the wall, but I jack it up loud in the Montero anyway. If God ever meant there to be choirs, this is what He was thinking about at the time. Granted, it has a few corny tracks - including the simulated phone call between Franklin and T.D. Jakes - but overall, fun music that ministers a portion of faith that my angst driven, post-modern, artsy-fartsy, emerging-church buddies can't touch - joy.

To quote Kirk, "Get on Yo Feet!"

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