life untethered....

Thus marks my fifth day without a cell phone, and you know...life ain't bad this way. I can see why the greater portion of earth's six billion people do NOT carry a cell phone. It's liberating. Of course, most of the earth's six billion can't afford a cell phone....so maybe it's not so much a lifestyle choice as one would imagine.

I got to hang out yesterday afternoon with Stuart Greaves. Stuart directs our night watch. Imagine being responsible for keeping the fire stoked in a prayer room from 10 pm to 6 am....seven nights a week. He and his wife, Esther, also lead a 3 month Fire in the Night internship that serves two purposes: to train people in the intense environment of all-night prayer and worship, and to provide fresh horses for the effort!

Last night we did a late night library run for the boys...'twas close to 10 pm 'till we got everyone down and out. I intended on going straight to bed but ended up talking to Andrew Stone much longer than I thought I had. You're a good man, Andrew. Pass the buscuits.

Onward, into the day. It's meetingsville.

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