As a matter of fact...I am.

As a matter of fact, I am superdad. I have managed into the third day with Kelsey on the road and me being in charge of meals and homesquirrel. As of yet, we have had no life threatening fires, and the boys have learned some things.
  • They have learned that Dad is not a great cook. At one point, Grayson looked at me with his big eyes and asked "So...is this it? Mom usually makes a side dish."
  • They have learned that Dad is a task master at the school work. Mostly out of fear of being behind when Kelsey returns.
  • They have learned to sing along with the "Sweet Home Alabama" ringer on my cell phone. I'm calling it Social Studies.
Good has been done here. We did a field trip to Cabela's yesterday. Nothing like looking at hundreds of dead animals mounted on the wall to help a child appreciate nature and the food chain.

We can't wait for Kelsey to get home later today....but I have loved every minute of this. I have great kids!

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