And everyone said "AMEN."

MSNBC - Mexico churches wage war on cell phones:

MONTERREY, Mexico - Some Mexican churches are using state-of-the-art technology developed by Israeli electronic warfare experts to silence cell phones that ring during mass, church officials said."

I have small children, so I understand the necessity of having a phone with you at times, but for crying out loud, have you ever heard of the BUZZ feature!?!! I have total grace for the first phone that rings in a service; we've all been a dunce once in a while...it's the SECOND phone that rings that makes me go nuts. And then the person pretends that they don't know it's theirs...after six rings, it goes silent. Fifteen seconds later, "Ba-DING"...voicemail. AARRRRGH.

One time, after delivering a similar diatribe in a conference where I was speaking....while I was standing at the podium, a phone rang in my pocket. Everyone went "OOOOOOOOH!". I said "It's the first phone, for crying out loud! Have mercy!"

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