Up and at'em....

With Kelsey and the boys gone, there wasn't a whole lot to do last night. It was weird to not have the sound of two competing Adenture in Oddysey cd's playing at bed time. I watched part of a dvd on Ernest Shackleton, my favorite leadership guru. I love Shackleton because everything that could go wrong did, yet he still managed to get everyone home alive. I watched 'till the point where he threatened to shoot the guy who was trying to mutiny, then pondered the leadership lesson I should take from this as we head to Burning Man with a team of 18, half of which I do not know....maybe should have watched something else.

Tom, Hal and I are booked on the 7 AM to DFW, then on to Reno, Nevada - 'the biggest little city in the world'. I tried to explain that to Jackson - that Reno is the 'biggest little city in the world'. I went to great lengths, in fact. "It's a city, but it's not a big city...it's the biggest little city in the world." He gave me that 11 year old boy look...the one that says is this some sort of punishment?

All that to say that I will try and blog from the road. I have a digital camera with me and shall take a few shots if I see anything interesting among the 30,000 cavorting in the wilds. Hope everyone brings their Mickey Mouse rain ponchos and extra bungees for the tents.

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