Twin City Surplus

Twin City Surplus
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Let the Burn Begin

Thanks to Danie Lou who was gracious enough to be up at 5 AM to give Hal, Tom and I a ride to the airport. I barely have the heart to tell her that we had to wait and didn't even board the plane until nearly 7:50 AM. This got us late into DFW, where we raced to make our 10 AM connect to Reno...after doing the terminal dash to our next gate, we discovered the plane to Reno had been held up 'till 11:30 AM.

At the Dallas airport, We met Burners from NYC and Boston...and more once we hit the ground in Reno. We're giving the shout out for free water and dream interpretation at Earth and 5:30.

Once we landed in Reno and snagged our rental car, we dropped our stuff off at a hotel and made like lemmings to Twin City Surplus. TCS is a man's store to the Nth degree....part army surplus, part camping store, part tons of junk salvaged from heaven knows where. Where else can you find camo misquito netting, a ship's anchor, and a coal car from an abandon coal mine (supply your own shetland pony). We bought heavy tent stakes and paint and rope and nifty rubber tubing that an be cut and rigged with end fasteners to make a poor man's bungee cord. Tom said "How much? How many?" I whipped out my slide rule and sent him for two lengths of tubing, twenty feet each, and forty ends.

Next was Home Depot for contractor's bags and duct tape and tarps and plastic cable ties and the like, then to Walmart for lanterns and batteries and stuff. Burners abound - many parked in the Walmart parking lot. The cow's skull bolted on the hood of the van was a big tip off for me.

On the way home we pulled by the drop zone and saw our semi rig setting with 15,000 bottles of water on it...it's a beautiful thing. If web service holds out, I'll continue to update the blog.

Email's down, so endure it, ya'll..Kels - I love and miss you! Love on J, G and Z for me. Have Z sing his song!

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