teaching @ IHOP...

I taught this Sunday at IHOP - we do two services each Sunday morning for the staffers, their families, and assorted visitors. With summer at hand, those numbers grow as people come in from all around the globe to participate in short term training sessions, internships and the like. It was fun to be back in the saddle...my favorite part of church planting/pastoring was teaching.

Kelsey and I sent the boys off to the IHOP Kids camp - Jackson will rough it in a tent but we'll pick up Grayson each evening to sleep in his own bed. We spent the afternoon with Zion. At first he was a little disturbed that his big brothers weren't with us, but he quickly learned that having mom and dad to himself was a pretty cool thing. We scouted three houses but found nothing. Something's bound to happen soon....we're running out of time!

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