An Open Letter to My Friend(s)

Dear Larry,

I had a chance to read the written narritive that accompanies the invitation to your annual party today. It's hard to believe that it's been four years since my friends and I attended our first event in Black Rock City, after a friend challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. If I only had a clue....

That first year was amazing. We brought a small gift...not quite enough bottled water for everyone, but at least 5,000 souls were less thirsty. We were also interviewed by our new friend, Renee, for her big project. Then, when I got home and started talking about what I'd seen and done, one of your staff contacted me and asked if you could include the link in your newsletter, and 18,000 of your friends paid us an electronic visit.

Two years later we returned...10,000 bottles and a big ol' honkin' RV. That year, we struck up a friendship while we sat on the poop deck surveying your kingdom. You were incredibly patient with me as I described why we came, and gracious enough to scare up some italian food at midnight. (I never did figure out where that came from...)

This year, your party's theme, The Vault of Heaven, has our name written all over it. The text of your invitation says "This year's theme asks three essential questions.
These are questions that occurred to us when we were young, questions asked
while lying in the grass on summer nights and gazing upward at the sky.
Where does everything come from? Where does everything go? And where and
how, in this vast scheme of things, do we fit in?"

We will return and hope to help find some answers. I'm not sure about the bottle-count this year, but the head-count will include seers and dream interpreters. This is not entirely a new idea. Seers have been used in the service of kings for some time, often with remarkable results.

Together we will explore the Realm above, to see what we can see.

I'm looking forward to this. I will see you and Andie Lou, Jess the Nurse, RonJon, Maid Marian and others on the playa, friend. It will be good to be together again and compare our observations about the kingdom.


Randy Bohlender
aka The Chaplain
Camp Kingdom Come

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