I fell off the blog...

After a pretty decent string of posting (at least Mondays through Fridays), I didn't get around to posting yesterday. As always, complaints can be mailed with $20 for shipping and handling and we will forward them to the correct department.

I'm at the 'HOP, where they're doing a devotional set (or 'a devo' in IHOP-speak...and no, most of them are too young to remember Devo). IHOP essentially operates 84 prayer meetings a week, two hours each, back-to-back. I'll pause while you do the math. What this means is it never stops...every two hours a new worship band steps in, one musician at a time, so if you were to hear it on tape you'd never know it happened.

We do an assortment of styles ranging from an intense intercession set which centers on a prayer leader on a mic who does an antiphonal thing with four prophetic singers to 'worship with the word' (the band leader and prophetic singers singing spontaneously through a scripture passage - THIS is an art form! They'll take two hours to sing through the last few hours before Christ's crucifixion - it's amazing.) A 'devo' is very gentle - worship music with a lot of people just quietly reading and studying. This morning there is also a dance team with the band.

Hope you have a great day...

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