rotten to the core?!?!?

Here's the deal. In Colorado a few weeks back, the logic board on my iBook went illogical. At the next stop - Cincinnati - I took it to the Apple Store, where I met a nice fellow who's job title was "Genius". Really. It was right there on this badge. Talk about pressure.

Anyway, the genius at the Apple store was kind enough to box up my iBook and ship it to the home office in wherever. Four days later, it was delivered to my house in Kansas City. I pushed the right buttons and poof, I was up and running.

Later that day, I got a funky message in four languages, telling me I needed to shut down my computer (and not really letting me do anything else). Keep in mind that none of this happened before the logic board replacement.

This morning, I called Apple Support. My call was answered by Ben (I will forever remember this name...he was no genius, I assure you). Ben told me that 1) he knew what was wrong, and 2) he couldn't tell me because I hadn't bought AppleCare, which is priced at nearly 25% of the cost of the computer. I pointed out that I didn't have this problem before they fixed the logic board under warrantee and that any problem caused by them surely could be fixed by them. He conceded that the problem was related to the work they had done, but hey, rules are rules.

Sensing a dead end, I asked who could was there who could help me. He told me (I kid you not...) "Steve Jobs is about the only guy who can help you." Sensing my frustration (heck, he CAUSED it...) he transferred me to Customer Support, which (I'm sure he knew) was CLOSED for the weekend. POOF. I'm knocked off the phone line and out of Ben's hair.

After regaining my composure...I didn't really lose it until he forwarded me to voicemail purgatory...I call back. After the 10 minute wait, I immediately inform my next 'helper', Theodore, of my interaction with Ben, and that I have taken a triple dose of my blood pressure medicine and may survive, IF he fixes my iBook. He talks me into reinstalling OS X and conveniently bails off the call 1/2 way through the install (to his defense, it takes an eternity).

I reinstalled OS X...fire it up, and it won't find my Airport Card. Also, the Airport Assistant won't assist. Did I mention that it won't get online at all - wireless or otherwise? (I know, the skeptics among you are asking "How posteth thou?". "Using Kel's iBook!" I answereth. (Suddenly I've slipped into Amishisms)

Well, I'll keep you posted. Somehow. Meanwhile, you PC users can make smug comments below....

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