Kelsey's at her eschatology class, the kids are in bed...the house is dark, I've got radioio/acoustic playing and a killer chia in front of me. Chia purists might differ with the addition of whip cream, but they're not here and I'm not asking.

Had a great day today...in addition to the reasons listed earlier. We spent a long overdue chunk of time with friends/fellow sojourners Rusty & Jen Geverdt. We love them and their kids. Heck, we brought one of the kids home with us. I love Rusty's way of seeing with his heart and Jen's way of bringing the conversation back to "so, now what do we do with what we know and feel?". In a perfect world, we'd live over the back fence from them. Or maybe a shallow creek. With a bridge. Our paths have paralleled this last year, both of us moving to KC within a few days of one another. Life has been so much easier with them near.

Also had a conversation over the electronic picket fence with Sean in California...gabbed while shopping eBay for Partridge Family Busses. He makes me laugh and think. I could use more of both.

On this mellow, chia inspired, big-hollow-guitar sounding night, I leave you with this: Another example of why church marquees should never be used.

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