If the world spun backwards....

The speaker at our staff meeting yesterday spoke about the prevailing direction of the gospel being west....how the New Testament church, in generality, headed for the setting sun. Granted, some went east, but the emphasis was west....to Greece, to Europe, then the Americas, who in turn evangelized east Asia. Now, there is a groundswell of energy in Asia to send missionaries to...yep, the Middle East.

It all reminded me of a conversation I had with a Vineyard staffer one time who asked me "What would our church be like if the gospel had gone east instead? What if the major cultural impact on our version of church was Chinese rather than European?" The ramifications are staggering. What would a church building look like? What if our foundations were less Catholicism and more Watchman Knee?

Obviously, God knew exactly what He was doing and it all is working together towards His great purposes, but it sure is fun to think about 'what if....'.

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