Dorothy wasn't just blowing smoke....

There really is no place like home. We left January 13 and didn't return until yesterday (correction: we spent one day here passing through from Colorado to Ohio). Be aware that if you drive from Kansas City to Steamboat Springs to Kansas City to Cincinnati to Johnson City, Tennessee to Cincinnati to Kansas City, you will put 4,000 miles on your car and never want to see another McDonalds again.

The trip had a LOT of highlights (it was long enough to be a miniseries)....sleigh-riding in the Rockies under a gorgeous display of stars...Zion spotting bighorn sheep and shouting "Cows! Up there!"....getting snowed in Cincinnati with some of our favorite people and no particular place to go anyway....drinking gallons of sweet tea from the Red Pig in Johnson City....and some significant encounters with God sandwhiched in there somewhere too. Nothing I can blog right now, but suffice it to say that they were good - some distinct dreams and happenings that were certainly His hand.

We returned home where we have been joined by Danielle Wheeler, who is attending the 3 month 'intro to IHOP'. Danie worked on my team at the Vineyard and we're glad to have her join us. Zion has already decided she's OK...although he doesn't know if she's up to his favorite game with Josh (SMACKDOWN!).

Home is where the stuff is. We're home.

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