It is my sincere desire that at the end of the age, the city of Terre Haute, Indiana not be judged solely for it's variety of food available at 11 pm on a weekday.

We left the Tri Cities this morning and drove to Cincinnati, where we picked up the rest of our eBaynium already loaded in the eBayable '94 Mazda. Kelsey drove the SS Family Truckster while I followed with Jackson in the Mazda (which will be up on eBay this weekend!)

Around 10 or 11 pm, depending on what side of the stinking time zone line we are right now, we pulled into Terre Haute. I dropped Kels and the kids at a hotel and headed to Outback to pick up baked potatoes. They were closed. At 10:15. Or 11:15. I can't tell.

I improvise....Texas Roadhouse. Closed.

Sagebrush. Closed.

Applebees. No baked potatoes. Quit serving them 2 years ago. Soup? Ran out.

Finally ended up scoring 3 baked potatoes, a salad and a 16 oz cup of Minstrone soup at (do not laugh...) the International House of Pancakes.

Having our feast in the hotel room (at 11 pm or midnight, I'm not sure, but it feels like midnight)...Kelsey wants a Sprite. I go to the vending machine here on the 6th floor. It will not take my money.

I go to the 7th floor, to be greeted by a sign that says "Vending: 6th floor."

I skip the 6th and go to the 5th. No Sprite.

Dropping to the 4th, I find her a knock-off bottle of Sprite (Sierra Mist) and call it done.

Surely this town has its redeeming qualities, but at this point, the best thing coming out of Terre Haute looks like I-70....

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