quick stream of consciousness update on our trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado....

It is a long way across Kansas, both ways...the 75 MPH speed limit in Eastern Colorado is a very, very good thing...props to the staff of The Village in Steamboat for scoring us luxury accomodations at a steep discount (see rbohlender.fotopages.com for the view!)...great to hang with Tim & Kathy Nichols again - Tim was on the Burning Man 2000 team...somewhere enroute, the video card on my iBook when iKaputt...everything in Steamboat cost 125.3% more (except our rooms!)....had some killer elk steak....got buzzed by a hot air balloon minus gondola - some guy in a nylon chair contraption with a burner strapped to his back!....Tim's daughter, Danielle was a gorgeous bride...and Natalie, daughter #2, was a knock-out bridesmaid....drove through 150 miles of slush from the mountain down to Denver yesterday...a car top carrier and high speed travels will severely cut into your miles-per-gallon average...in western Kansas, if you have time, you can see a five legged steer and the worlds largest prairie dog hole (we didn't)...feed three boys bean soup in Hays, KS and put them back in the Truckster - I dare you....loved laughing with Kels all the way home.

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