It got a little chilly....

Last night around 7 PM we noticed it was cold in the house...found the thermostat set at 73 and the actual temperature at 69. This is not good. The furnance had converted itself to a piece of static art. As attractive as it is, I prefered it in it's functional state.

Immediately called the property management company....fix-it man arrived about 10 PM, went into the basement, made a bunch of clanky noises and said "That'll do'r". Temp started rising...we went to bed.

5 AM....alarm goes off. I roll out of bed and immediately feel connected to Robert Shackleton. The furnace had quit again. Temperature in the house was 58 degrees. Apparently "That'll do'r" didn't. Called the property management company again. This time they're sending me the furnace guy. Hello?

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